Parking Etiquette

By: MML Marketing

It is not a rare sight to encounter inconsiderate drivers who occupy the parking lot that you have been waiting for or positioned themselves between two parking lots for a bigger space. Or maybe we have been guilty of some of these ourselves? Here are 4 basic parking etiquettes to help bring you further than just a comfortable space to park.

1. Parking In The Centre Of The Parking Lot

While parking lots are clearly allocated and divided, some drivers just occupy 2 lots for themselves. If you have not known, parking your car beyond the borders can cause you a $50 fine. Apart from ensuring that your car stays within the border, ensure that the front of the car is not sticking out of the lot. This obstructs the pedestrians’ walkway as they get to their cars, posing a safety risk for other users.

2. Use Your Hazard Lights

While you wait for a parking lot, it is sensible to switch on your hazard lights as a signal to other drivers. This simple action makes a difference as the other drivers will take notice of your intentions and hence, less likely to deal with possible conflict and arguments. However, do wait by the side for other drivers to move while you wait for that parking lot.

3. Open Your Door Gently

There is no need for you to angle yourself or open your door forcefully as you exit your car. In most cases, parking in the centre of the lot provides you with ample space to exit and enter your car. Hence, knocking your car door onto other cars as you open it forcefully is unnecessary and causes damage to your paintwork or a dent. Definitely, this does not only apply to drivers. Same goes for the passengers, open the door gently if you do not want to cause any damages to the car.

4. Fold The Side Mirrors In

This process does not take that long. If you do not own a car that comes with an auto-folding side mirrors feature, ensure that you fold your mirror manually to make space for the cars beside you. Apart from making space for yourself to pass through, there is also a lesser chance of your car’s side mirror being knocked by accident which may incur additional repair costs.


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