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Car Ownership in Singapore

According to the Land Transport Authority, 1 in 4 cars in Singapore had its Certificates of Entitlement (COEs) renewed upon expiry (around 10 years). Typically, most drivers use the opportunity to buy a new car while others choose to extend their COE. However, both do not come without hefty pricetags, especially when the prices of cars are sky-high in Singapore.

With Singapore’s high car prices, the decision to own a COE-renewed car makes great financial sense as the cost and depreciation are typically lower when compared to a new car. Advances in car manufacturing technologies also mean that cars are now more reliable than before and are expected to last beyond 10 years.

Instead of breaking the bank by buying a new car, why not extend your COE?

If you need a loan in Singapore, MoneyMax Leasing is the one-stop solution to get a COE renewal loan for your car. A homegrown company with a reputation for excellent products and services in Singapore, you can depend on the team to offer a fast and hassle-free loan processing experience.

When you acquire a COE renewal car loan from MoneyMax Leasing, you can extend your car ownership without having to worry about car prices in the market.

With MoneyMax Leasing’s COE Renewal Loan, you can continue driving your beloved car from just $300/month! Choose MoneyMax  Leasing to extend your car ownership today.

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Aside from offering COE car loans for numerous drivers across the country, MoneyMax Leasing has been a professional auto-mobile financing hub with a reputation for offering tip-top products and services in Singapore. We pride ourselves on offering fast financial services to customers in need of a helping hand.

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