A Guide to Wash Your Car

By: MML Marketing

While the main motivation of washing your car is to keep it clean and sparkling, it should be done without creating damages to its paintwork. As easy as it sounds, here is some techniques to ensure a good bath for your precious set of wheels.

1. Rims

Commonly neglected for its presence during a car wash, most car owners do not wash their rims that are always in close contact with dirt and dust. Before you even proceed with cleaning the rims, ensure that your car has been cooled down as your brake rotors may be warped during the car washing process. In addition, rinse the brake dust and dirt as far away from your rims as much as possible and head over to brush and clean them with regular car wash soap, a rim brush and a wash mitt.

2. Rinse

Ever experience swirl marks after you wash your car? This is caused by the lack of rinsing to remove dust, dirt and debris before you soap your car. As you soap your car without rinsing, dust and dirt particles are grazed against your car paintwork, hence creating swirl marks. To wash your car more efficiently, it is advisable to invest in a water hose to connect it onto the water dispenser outlet. This is much more efficient compared to splashing a pail of water onto your car to rinse it.

3. Car Wash Soap

Many car owners think that using liquid detergent and shower gel does not make a difference with the regular car wash soap. The truth is, as these regular body cleansers were not formulated to be used on a car’s paintwork, it causes damages on the car’s protective wax. Car wash soaps are easy to find, such as in petrol kiosks or car workshops. With their milder ingredients and being specifically created for cars’ paint use, it helps to keep your car looking vibrant and new.

4. Clean Your Chamois Towel Before Wiping

A common mistake made by many car owners is that they tend to twist the chamois towel dry and continue to wipe the next window panel. As twisting does not help to make the towel cleaner, dust and dirt continue to stay on it and accumulate as more window panes are wiped. After spending so much effort on cleaning your car, you do not want it to be wasted. By rinsing your chamois towel, dust and dirt will be washed off and the next window panel you wiped will not be affected by the previous one.


Information was extracted from SG Car Mart.


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