3 Possible Dangers While Refilling Your Petrol

By: MML Marketing

Refueling your vehicle is a necessary routine for all drivers, especially if you drive daily. Despite seeing warning signs such as no phone usage and smoking in the petrol station, it is undeniable that these warning signs are not of utmost importance for the drivers. Here are some dangers you often hear as you refuel your vehicle in a petrol station: 

1. No Smoking

The theory behind the no-smoking warning sign in a petrol station is that there is a possibility of cigarette ash igniting the gasoline that evaporated into the air. Hence, this poses the biggest risk of setting a fire up as you refill your car’s petrol. Despite many arguments regarding the legitimacy of this theory, it is always better to play safe for the few minutes of refuelling in the petrol station.

2. No Using of Phone

A common misconception of using the phone in the petrol station is that it may start a fire like how smoking poses a risk to it. However, the truth is that the danger of using the phone is due to distractions. Being in a place with many vehicles, safety is essentially crucial. Topping up your car’s petrol does not take a long time to do it, these text messages or e-mails on your mobile phone can wait.

3. Squeezing That Few Last Drops of Fuel 

With the increasing fuel prices, every drop becomes precious to most drivers. It is commonly seen that drivers try to maximize the few drops of gasoline into their car. However, gasoline requires space to expand and this may cause it to overfill. The danger of overfilling your tank is that pressure may increase, hence leading to a dangerous leakage. 



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