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Protect what’s important to you and make your home a safer place. If you are looking for a home insurance that suits your needs, we have it here for you.

At MoneyMax Assurance, we understand the importance of a comprehensive insurance coverage with affordable premiums. By working with various insurance partners, MoneyMax Assurance is able to provide you with a flexible yet extensive range of options for your home insurance. This includes basic protection to comprehensive coverage such as protecting your house building, renovations and medical coverage for incidents at home.

MoneyMax Assurance aims to get the best value for customers through a detailed comparison of different insurers. As we compare quotes from multiple insurance companies, this will save you the time and hassle, and get you the most competitive quote yet not compromising on your home coverage.

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Competitive premium and comprehensive coverage


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You can e-mail us at or contact us at 6812 2708 / 8855 6033 for our assistance.

Alternatively, you may contact your direct insurance company for assistance.

For general enquiries, you can contact:

  • MoneyMax Assurance at or 6812 2708 / 8855 6033, from 8.30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Your direct insurance company

For 24/7 assistance, do contact your direct insurance company hotlines.

Both cash and credits card payments are available.

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