3 Misconceptions about Your Tyres

By: MML Marketing

Tyres are the most crucial part of a car as it affects your safety risk and journey on the road. With that, it is thus important to ensure that they are well maintained and taken care of. However, with various myths about taking care of your car’s tyres, it is crucial to determine its effectiveness and usefulness.

1. Pumping Too Much Air Will Cause Your Tyre to Explode
A common concern for this is that over inflating your car’s tyre may cause explosion. Truth is, should any tyre explosion occur, over inflating will not be the main contributor for it. Normally, exploding tyres may be due to external impact such as driving over a kerb or a pothole that triggers the explosion. However, it is definitely not recommended to over-inflate your tyres as it compromises your safety and damages to your car.

2. There Is No Need To Change Your Spare Tyre

As its name suggests, a spare tyre serves as a temporary solution to the sudden situation of a flat tyre. Compared to the regular tyres of your car, a spare tyre is not designed to have the same amount of durability and features. Hence, it is not recommended for long-term use with an approximate maximum of 50 miles drive.

3. Changing Your Tyres Frequently For Optimal Performance

For most tyres, there will be a small arrow on the sidewall that indicates a mark to determine its wear and tear. Thus, if the tread wear indicator can be barely seen, it is time for a replacement for your car’s tyres. It is recommended to remain at least a 1.6mm tread depth for your car’s tyres so as to maintain its usability while not compromising on the safety of yourself and road users.

All in all, car tyres are a great contributor to your safety on the road.

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