The Wet Weather Plan

By: MML Marketing

With Singapore’s all-year-round humid and scorching hot weather, a rainy day somehow becomes a blessing to us. The thought of entering your car without experiencing that gush of hot air may be great, but there comes the trouble of blurry vision and congested roads as you drive to your destination.  An important factor to emphasize on is safety and the following tips will guide you in your “wet weather plan”.

1. Turn On Your Windshield Wipers

Using the same logic as cleaning away dust or water off your spectacles, windshield wipers help to prevent the distortion of your view by clearing the water off your car’s windshield just within a few sweeps. Being a great contributor that reduces blurry vision as you drive during rainy days, it is important to maintain its condition by keeping it in check and replaced yearly.

2. Turn On Your Headlights

On a gloomy rainy day, turning on your headlights help to brighten up your vision on the road and cars ahead of you. Likewise, other road users may also experience poor visibility on wet weather. Hence, apart from brightening your vision, headlights can be used as a signal to notify other drivers on the direction you are heading to.

3. Few-Seconds Distance

While it is advisable to keep a few seconds distance between you and the car ahead on a usual sunny day, it is better to extend this few-seconds distance on a rainy day as it takes longer to stop. As you hit the brakes and your car tyres get locked up, you may hydroplane and collide with the car ahead of you. Hence, leaving substantial space between both cars gives you the time capacity to halt your car without increasing the safety risk.

4. Avoid Oil Deposits

Oil spots are usually built up at traffic junctions, which make it a dangerous spot for skidding that you should be aware of. As the rainwater blends with oil and rubber-dust deposits, its mixture poses a danger of skidding especially in cases where the roads are smooth. Despite that, the dirt and oil deposits may be washed away from the road with the help of the rain, it is crucial to be extra cautious when it starts raining as that is when the mixture is formed.

While the weather is unpredictable and uncontrollable, we should take extra precautions on our side to ensure the safety of you and other road users. With that, MoneyMax Leasing will like to remind all vehicle owners to drive safely, be it rain or shine.

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