Prolonging Your Car’s Lifespan

By: MML Marketing

It is a known fact that purchasing a new set of wheels in Singapore comes at a high cost, which is the main contributor to why renewing your COE makes more financial sense if your car’s in good condition. Hence, having periodic checks and maintenance plays an important role and the following tips should guide you through the basic safety and sustainability features of your car.

1. Keeping Your Car Clean

Many perceive washing and waxing your car as a way to transform its dusty appearance tos in contact daily. By having regular cleaning up internally and externally, it helps to reduce the chances of deleterious chemical and dirt from accumulating and the rusting due to road salt. a gleaming and spotless visual; where little known that it also serves as a protection from dirt and specks of dust that your car come

2. Use Your Five Senses

Despite being familiar with the usual noises made by your car as you drive it daily, it is vital to pay attention to any new noises that sound different or odd. Additionally, scents that smell unusual such as burnt rubber or gasoline can be a sign of a serious issue for your car. These may be a warning sign indicating a problem for your car. Should you experience unusual noises or smell, it is advisable to seek a professional opinion from a reliable technician immediately. This helps you to find out the cause of it and lessen your worry about that distracting noise or smell.

3. Be On Track

To ensure that your car is still running in good condition, you can never escape from its usual periodic maintenance such as checking its tires, fluid, filers and other components. By conducting regular maintenance, your car will be kept in good shape and potential problems can be identified earlier, lowering the chances of it becoming a bigger issue. Despite the cost of these routine checks, regular checks help to prevent severe and expensive repairs in the future.

By seeing your car as a valuable investment and providing it with regular preventive maintenance, you can stretch your dollars as your car serves you for a longer period.

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